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Immediate Rehabilitation of the Completely Edentulous Jaw with Fixed Prostheses Supported by either Upright or Tilted Implants: A Multicenter Clinical Study. The international journal of oral & maxillofacial implants, volume 22, no.4, 2007

Matteo Capelli, DDS / Francesco Zuffetti MD DDS, Massimo Del Fabbro phD, Tiziano Testori MD DDS.



 Zygomatic Implants Using the Sinus Slot Technique: Clinical Report of a Patient Series. The international journal of oral & maxillofacial implants, volume 20, no.5, 2005.

Miguel Penarrocha, MD, DDS,phD/ Roberto Uribe,DDS,MDS/ Berta Garcia,DDS,MDS/ Eva Marti, DDS.



 Implants placed in immediate function in periodontally compromised sites: A five year retrospective and one year prospective study. The journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, June 2007.

Paulo Malo, DDS, Miguel de Araujo Nobre, RDH and Bo Rangert, phD, Mecheng.



 Implant Use in the Tuberosity, Pterygoid and Palatine Region: Anatomic and Surgical Considerations. Quintessence Books.

Garry M Reiser, DDS.

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