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ד"ר עמרי רודברג

בוגר בית הספר לרפואת שיניים, הדסה עין כרם, 1992
הוראת סטודנטים (שנים חמישית ושישית) בבית הספר לרפואת שיניים הדסה עין כרם בין השנים 1998-2002
יו"ר האיגוד הישראלי לרפואת שיניים גריאטרית, 2001-2004
מנהל היחידה לרפואת שיניים למבוגרים וסיסטמיים, המרכז ע"ש סוראסקי (בי"ח איכילוב) תל - אביב, 2004-2007


Dr. Gideon Hallel D.M.D

Tel Aviv, Israel.
Dr. Hallel received his DMD from Tel-Aviv University in 1991 and his MPH from Clark University (USA) in 1999
DGOI, Diplomate ICOI, Scientific committee Member ICI, Member IAOI Works with various implants systems since 1992, instructor in Israimplant's Basal Implantology seminars.
Dr. Hallel is a co-writer of the first prize awarded for research in the Nobel-Biocare 2007 Las-Vegas world conference.


Dr. Ehud Teparovich D.M.D

Raanana, Israel.
Dr. Ehud Teperovich D.M.D graduated at the Hebrew University- Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in 1997. Since then Dr. Teperovich is a member and instructor at the Prosthetic Department of the Dental School.
Dr. Teperovich runs a private dental practice in his home town Raanana, focusing on the fields of prosthetics, implant dentistry and guided tissue and bone regeneration.
In his practice he dedicates his work exclusively to the use of Computer Guided Software for diagnosis, 3D digital virtual planning and guided surgery. With the aid of the computerized tools his clinic is active in advanced implants and regenerative techniques and is contributing to the evaluation and clinical research of new generation materials, methods and their applications.
Dr. Teperovich is an opinion leader in the field


Dr. Benatouil Jean Charlemagne D.M.D.

Herzlia, Israel.
Diploma in Basal Implantology, NICE University (France), faculty of Medicine, Department of Maxillofacial Oral Surgery,Diploma in Implantology, Boston University,  In charge of courses in Basal Implantology and PRF,Expert DGOI, Diplomate ICOI, Scientific committee Member ICI, Member IAOI Private Practice Limited to Implant Dentistry.


Dr. Miri Fahn, M.D.

E.N.T. Herzliya, Israel.
Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem,  Resident Otolaryngology Department, Beilinson Hospital, Petach-Tikva.

Further studies: Children's Hospital, Great Ormond St. London, England. Surgical experience: Endoscopic sinus surgery, Laser surgery in ENTBotulinum toxin workshops.


Dr. Josef Chouckroun, M.D.

Diploma: Medecine 1981.

University de Montpellier ,France Study of Management of Pain 1986. University of Strasbourg France ChiefofStaff:PaintherapyCenter.49RueGioffredo,06000, Nice, FRANCE

Multi - facetted physician: generalsurgeon anesthetist medicalrheology specialist pain specialist bone and tissue engineering.
Specialist and Inventor of the PRF® technique "PlateletRichFibrin”(autologous platelet growths factors).
Dr.Choukroun developed the PRF protocol in 2000,and has since co-authored numerous scientific publications on cell stimulation by growth factors.

President of the Syfac congress: International Symposiumon Growth Factors

Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos BSC, DDS, MSC, PHD

Bachelor of Science in Biology, in Gannon University of USA, (1985).
Graduated from Dental school of Athens University (1991). Master degree in Oral Biology (1998), Periodontology (1998). Associate faculty member of Athens University until 1998. Certificate Master Degree of SOLA Academy, in Vienna University (2005), trained on facial aesthetics with the use of fillers and growth factors, in Beverly Hills California (2007). Diplomate Certificate Degree of ICOI, (2013). PhD from Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System, School of Medicine, University of Athens (2015). PostDoc research, Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System, School of Medicine, University of Athens (2015). Medical Aesthetic MSc Queen Mary University London (2015).
Published many scientific papers and her field of interest is GBR with the use of P.R.P., P.R.F. implants and laser.
Lectures in many conferences and participates in many hands-on courses for implants, growth factors, facial aesthetics and laser.
Member of E.F.P. – E.A.O. – ICOI – WCLI (fellowship) – SOLA – WAUPS. President of HELSOLA, WAUPS Greece and WAUPS AESTHETICA, Representative of Hellenic Dental Association.
Private practice in Athens and Tripoli, (Greece) limited to Periodontics, Microsurgery, Oral Implantology, Laser and Facial Aesthetics.
Has since 2003 performed Facial Aesthetics Treatments using growth factors from blood concentrates (PRP) and using filers, Botox and PDO Treads.
Has in a couple of years made the shift to i-PRFTM in close relationship with Dr. Joseph Choukroun. Work today with i-PRFTM, liquid A-PRFTM and PDO Thread with remarkable results.

ד"ר יוסף קובלסקי D.D.S

בוגר אוניברסיטת LOYOLA בארה"ב

בעל 29 שנות ניסיון בטיפולי שיניים כלליים ובהתמקדות בתחום השיקום והשתלים. שימש כמרצה בבית הספר לרפואת שיניים של בית חולים הדסה במשך 11 שנים.

למד אצל ד"ר ג'אן בן אטוויל שיטות השתלה ובין היתר משתיל שתלי פטרגוייד. עבר מספר הכשרות לטיפול בשיטת ALL ON 4 על ידי ד"ר מאלו, מייסד השיטה, בפורטוגל ומיישם בהצלחה רבה טיפולים בשיטה זו כבר מספר שנים.


ויזנפלד אביטל

בעלת מעבדת שיניים בהרצליה משנת 2001.

1992- סיום לימודים במכללה לטכנאות שיניים, אוקראינה.
1993 – הסמכה לטכנאי שיניים מעשי בארץ.
1997 – טכנאי שיניים מוסמך, הדסה, ירושלים.
2001 – טכנאי שיניים "אומן"השתתפתי בקורסים שונים בארץ ובעולם בנושא הטכנאות . כמו למשל: INLAY, ONLAY ,תותבות שלמות של פרופ. מרזל וכד'

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