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Resorba - Parasorb

Parasorb Resodont Collagen membrane

PARASORB RESODONT® is an absorbable barrier membrane, which is produced from collagen of equine origin (from horses) by a very special procedure in accordance with the strictest quality standards. This procedure evolved from the production of membranes for covering defects in the meninges (dura mater), and uses the same biomatrix as the starting material, thus guaranteeing a product of the highest purity and exceptional biocompatibility.

The indications for PARASORB RESODONT® are:

- Covering and protecting augmentation material in the area of guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR)
- Covering the facial maxillary sinus wall and small perforations of the maxillary sinus mucosa in sinus lift operations
- Protection of Schneider's membrane
- Barrier membrane for covering alveoli after bone augmentation operations
- Covering implants and lateral maxillary augmentations

PARASORB RESODONT®- tried and tested thousands of times in daily dental practice!

"The membrane is used in dentistry and in oral and maxillofacial surgery, mainly in the field of guided bone regeneration (GBR) for covering defects and for protecting the augmentation material.
The field encompasses local augmentation prior to, or during, the insertion of endosseous implants, covering facial maxillary sinus walls and small perforations of the maxillary sinus mucosa in sinus lift operations and covering alveoli after extractions … … The wounds healed without infection or foreign body reactions, the barrier function was sufficient for undisturbed bony consolidation in all cases to date. In the event of exposure of the membrane through dehiscence, immediate removal is not indicated, since secondary epithelialisation of the membrane can be achieved with consistent disinfectant irrigation without impairing the underlying augmentation implant."
Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Kleinheinz, Clinic and Policlinic for Oral, Maxillary and Facial Surgery University Clinic M?nster, Germany.

PARASORB RESODONT®- The special membrane!
Like all absorbable collagen membranes, PARASORB RESODONT® offers a wide range of advantages over synthetic, absorbable, or non-absorbable membranes:

- Complete absorption and thereby avoidance of secondary intervention
- Hemostatic effect
- Very good biocompatibility, the material used is related to that of the body
- Supports the new generation of blood vessels (angioconductivity)
- Promotes bone growth (osteoconductivity)
- Promotes wound healing
- pH-stable, thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory reactions

Parasorb Resodont Collagen Dental Cones

Parasorb Collagen Cone

Following an extraction, the alveolar cavity does not always heal optimally without receiving specialised care. In these cases, the bone required for the firm fitting of an implant is not regenerated sufficiently and, just a short time later, the mandibular ridge deteriorates at the site of extraction. If an implant is to be inserted later, the mandibular ridge must first be built up again. This is time-consuming and costly, painful for the patient, and not without a certain degree of risk. It is important to lay down the foundation immediately after the tooth extraction in order to achieve a successful, modern implant treatment.

The areas of application of RESORBA dental cones are:

• Reduction of alveolar ridge atrophy after tooth extractions (socket preservation)
• Local haemostasis and tamponade in clean, clean-contaminated and contaminated wound cavities
• Haemostasis following tooth extraction or oral and maxillofacial surgery

RESORBA dental cones help preserve the alveolar ridge in many ways (socket preservation):

• Stable structure
• Stabilises the blood clot in the alveolar cavity
• Prevents the overgrowth with connective tissue
• Benefits the adherence of cells
• Angioconductive – rapid revascularisation of the sensitive vestibular bone crest
• Osteoconductive – promotes complete bony healing of the alveolar cavity
• Promotes wound healing
• Rapid integration into the surrounding tissues
• Furthermore, RESORBA dental cones provide a number of other advantages:

Rapid and simple application

• Painless
• No additional intervention required
• Hemostatic
• Superior tissue tolerability
• Option for the inclusion of local antibiotic protection, thus preventing the unnecessary strain of systemic antibiotics
• Scientifically proven efficacy (Arab Oghli et al., 2006. Europerio)
• Very cost effective

1 collagen cone contains 22.4 mg native equine collagen fibrils
? 1,2 cm, height 1,6 cm
10 cones in one box

Parasorb Resodont Cone Genta

Parasorb Collagen Cone Genta

• Reduction of alveolar ridge atrophy after tooth extractions (socket preservation)
• Local haemostasis and tamponade in clean, clean-contaminated and contaminated wound cavities
• Haemostasis following tooth extraction or oral and maxillofacial surgery
• Haemostasis following tooth extraction or oral and maxillofacial surgery with a high risk of infection (only PARASORB® Cone Genta)

PARASORB® Cone Genta:
1 Collagen-gentamicin cone contains 22.4 mg equine, native collagen fibrils
16 mg gentamicin sulphate, contains 8.80 - 11.44 mg gentamicin
? 1,2 cm, height 1,6 cm
10 cones in one box

Parasorb Resodont Collagen Sombrero

PARASORB Sombrero®

PARASORB Sombrero® is a Membrane-Cone made of equine collagen (originating from horse), manufactured according to a very special procedure and stringent quality standards. This procedure is derived from the manufacture of membranes to cover defects in the meninges (dura mater), uses the same biomatrix as source material, and thus guarantees a product of the highest purity and outstanding biocompatibility.

The application areas of PARASORB Sombrero® include:

• coverage and simultaneous filling of the alveolus (socket preservation)
• coverage and simultaneous defect filling in guided bone regeneration (GBR)
• treatment of the alveolus and other bone defects
• PARASORB Sombrero®: unique combination of membrane and collagen cone!

"Experience to date with the use of Sombrero has been very good. Both the adaptation to individual situations, as well as handling of the product on the patient are without problems.

Its use leads to reliable bony healing of the alveolus with a stable epithelial cover as the prerequisite for a subsequent implementation, maxillofacial tooth movement or prosthetic care.

The combination of both products results in the following performance features:

• simple handling, because the membrane and cone are firmly connected together
• creation of a defined regeneration matrix
• formation of a stable bony implant site after a relatively short time
• marginal gingiva only has to be detached to a minimal extent (minimises trauma / tissue supply largely maintained))
• improved long-term aesthetic and functional results
• leads to a stable epithelial coverage
• completely absorbable

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