Centennial HEC
Centennial HEC

New Electronic Material Industry

The new electronic material industry already owns an A-share listed company HEC (600673.SH); it develops core industries around the capacitor industry chain and battery material industry clusters, and has created four major industry clusters: electronic component, high-end aluminum foil, new chemical material, and new energy material. Relying on the complete industry chain and technological innovation advantages, it actively responds to the national "double carbon" policy, closely focuses on market demand, continuously improves the industrial layout, and strives to build an internationally advanced new energy material platform company within 5-8 years!

  • Capacitor
  • Battery aluminum foil
    Battery aluminum foil
  • PVDF(Example for end use)
    PVDF(Example for end use)
  • Magnetic material (example for end use)
    Magnetic material (example for end use)

Four Industries

  • Electronic component

    HEC owns the entire industry chain of "aluminum ingot-electronic optical foil-electrode foil/laminated foil-capacitor". The market share of medium and high voltage formed foil ranks among the top in the world. The laminated foil is a new generation of electrode foil, and HEC has the exclusive global patent. (At present, the company is investing in the construction of a large-scale capacitor factory in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province. It will give full play to the synergistic advantages of advanced technology and the entire industry chain to become a global advanced capacitor company.)

  • High-end aluminum foil

    It covers electronic optical foil, battery aluminum foil, carbon coated foil, brazing foil, hydrophilic foil and other main products. The market share of electronic optical foil ranks among the top in the world, and it has continued to cooperate with Japan's UACJ in the field of high-end aluminum foil. In the field of battery aluminum foil, a continuous production system from current collectors to battery exterior aluminum foil materials has been established, and the products have been certified by leading companies such as Panasonic and Murata.

    • Electronic optical foil
      Electronic optical foil
    • Carbon coated foil
      Carbon coated foil
    • Battery aluminum foil
      Battery aluminum foil
    • Brazing foil
      Brazing foil
    • Hydrophilic foil
      Hydrophilic foil
  • New chemical material

    A chlorofluoro-circular economy industry chain from chlor-alkali chemical industry, methane chloride, third-generation new fluorine refrigerants to PVDF. (With a strong chemical production base in South China, it will focus on the development of new materials and related products in the field of fluorine fine chemicals, and strive to enter the first echelon of new chemical materials industry.)

    • Chlor-alkali chemical     industry
      Chlor-alkali chemical industry
    • Refrigerant
    • PVDF
  • New energy material

    The cathode material industry such as lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials has been developed, and the magnetic materials used in supporting new energy vehicles have been deployed. HEC, Zunyi Municipal Government, and GAC Group have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop lithium ore resources.

    • Ternary material
      Ternary material
    • Lithium iron phosphate
      Lithium iron phosphate
    • Lithium ore
      Lithium ore
    • Coal mine
      Coal mine

HEC Technology—Product Industry Chain

Based on the international and domestic advanced electronic component industry chain of electrode foil-aluminum electrolytic capacitor, it will gradually develop towards lithium batteries and other related new energy materials industries.


Strategic objective

Create a globally competitive capacitor industry chain
Create an international advanced and dynamic
platform for battery material innovation and development