High-tech light
High-tech light

Development Path


· HEC, an A-share listed company (600673.SH), Zunyi Municipal Government and GAC Group reached a strategic cooperation to improve the layout of the new energy industry
· HEC Pharm R&D Center was restructured and renamed Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd. ("HEC Pharma")


·The construction of Zhejiang Dongyang base was started, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan
·Low-carbon high-end battery aluminum foil project started construction in Yichang, Hubei


·HEC Pharmaceutical Research Institute completed A round of financing of nearly 7 billion yuan
·HEC Pharmaceutical Research Institute completed the equity control of  HEC Changjiang Pharmaceutical (01558.HK), realizing the integration of pharmaceutical assets


·Mr. Zhang Yushuai took over as chairman of HEC Group and established a new board of directors of HEC Group. HEC officially entered the 2.0 new era of "co-creation, co-responsibility and sharing"
·HEC's first Class 1.1 original innovative drug "Emitasvir Phosphate" was approved for marketing


The annual sales of anti-influenza drug Kewei reached nearly 7 billion yuan, setting a new high for similar anti-influenza drug products in China


·Cordyceps sinensis (breeding product) was included in "Guangdong Province Local Medicinal Materials Standard" (Volume 3)
·"Research on key technologies of Cordyceps sinensis breeding and its industrial application" won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award


The construction of the Ulanchap base in Inner Mongolia started with an investment of nearly 2 billion yuan


HEC Health Research Institute was approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to establish the "Key Research Laboratory of Cordyceps Sinensis Breeding and Product Research and Development"


·HEC Changjiang Pharmaceutical was listed on the main board of Hong Kong, stock code: 01558.HK
·HEC Pharmaceutical Research Institute is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China to establish a "State Key Laboratory of New Anti-infective Drug Research and Development"


The construction of the Nyingchi base in Tibet began, which is a supporting base for the ecological breeding of Cordyceps sinensis


A-share listed company HEC (600673.SH) issued additional private placements to expand the medium and high pressure formed foil project and the high specific volume corrosion foil project


Took the lead in realizing the industrialization of Cordyceps sinensis ecological breeding in the world


HEC's first generic drug approved by the U.S. FDA, Zidovudine Tablets for the treatment of AIDS, was on the market


Shaoguan started the construction of pharmaceutical industry projects


Provided oseltamivir phosphate reserve drug for the country's prevention and control of influenza epidemic, and commended by the National Development and Reform Commission


Started the process of internationalization of preparations


New electronic material assets were injected into A-share listed company HEC (600673.SH)


Obtained the exclusive authorization of Roche's "Oseltamivir Phosphate"


HEC a comprehensive and systematic research institute was established


Zunyi Base in Guizhou  started construction


·HEC A-share backdoor listing, stock code: 600673.SH
·Dongguan Songshan Lake Factory started construction


·Guangdong Dongguan Base started construction
·Acquired Hubei Changhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and officially entered the pharmaceutical industry


Yichang base in Hubei started construction


"Low-voltage and high-volume formed foil" was included in the "Double High and One Excellent" project-oriented plan of the State Economic and Trade Commission's national key technological transformation


HEC fully implemented the management of the general outline system, and the first edition of the "Outline of Work" was officially published and released


The construction of Shaoguan base in Guangdong began, focusing on the development of electronic materials industry


Mr. Zhang Zhongneng founded HEC Group