Share new trends in technology and health
Share new trends in technology and health

The board of directors of HEC Group, the joint working meeting of the financial system, the launch meeting of the biochemical pharmaceutical capital operation, and the enlarged meeting of the group bo


From August 1st to 2nd, the 6th meeting of the board of directors of HEC Group in 2022, the joint working meeting of the group's financial system, the launch meeting of the biochemical pharmaceutical capital operation, and the enlarged meeting of the group board of directors were successfully held at the Yidu base in Hubei. Zhang Yushuai, Chairman of the Group, Zhang Hongwei, Rotating Chairman of the Board of Directors, Group Directors Tang Xinfa, Lu Yuxin, Zhu Yingwei, Deng Xinhua, Group Supervisors Hu Zhidong, Zhou Lin, Wei Cailiang, members of the enlarged meeting and related personnel, and guests from capital operation intermediaries attended the relevant meeting. The focus of the meeting is to summarize the work in the first half of the year and plan and deploy the key work in the second half of the year.

(Picture 1: Group photo of the enlarged meeting of the board of directors of the Group)

(Picture 2: The chairman speaks at the meeting)

In the first half of this year, in the face of the very severe market environment and economic situation, under the strong leadership of Chairman Zhang Yushuai, under the firm support of governments at all levels and from all walks of life, through the hard work of all HEC staff, The three major industries of new electronic materials, biomedicine and health preservation maintained a stable and good development trend, grew against the trend, and achieved excellent development performance.

1. The new electronic materials industry continues to grow rapidly

Under the blessing of the new energy boom, the performance of the new electronic materials industry has repeatedly hit new highs, and the net profit of listed companies in the first half of the year has increased by 646% year-on-year. HEC focuses on the planning and layout of core industries such as formed foil, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, high-end battery foil, lithium iron phosphate, and fluororesin, and accelerates the promotion of new and expanded production capacity to maximize benefits. In order to further enhance the company's development advantages in the new energy material industry, the group company specially established a special working group for new energy materials in Guizhou to comprehensively carry out the work of related industries in Guizhou.

2. The biopharmaceutical industry has turned for the better

The anti-influenza drug "Kewei" got rid of the impact of the new crown epidemic, and the sales rebounded sharply. The macrolide API industry continued to maintain stable development, and the profit in the first half of the year increased by more than 40% year-on-year. The sales of new anti-hepatitis C drug imitavir are growing rapidly, and the series of new anti-hepatitis C drugs of HEC must be an important force for the National Health and Health Commission's proposal to eliminate the harm of hepatitis C in 2030. At the same time, the sales of insulin products showed a significant upward trend, and the varieties that won the bid for centralized procurement also performed well. In addition, there are also good news in the U.S. market: the clinical progress of insulin glargine and insulin aspart in the United States is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to be approved for marketing in 2023, sharing the market of 15 billion US dollars; on June 21, 2022, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court ruled that the patent of Novartis Fingolimod was invalid, and HEC won the case. HEC was the only company to challenge the patent. Fingolimod is a first-line treatment drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, with annual sales of US$3 billion and huge market potential.

3. The health and wellness industry is developing steadily

Cordyceps sinensis continued to produce high yields. The sales front focuses on "letting high-net-worth customers eat", takes the strategic direction of the incremental market for self-use, comprehensively deploys promotion teams such as golf courses and wealth companies, and actively deploys brand stores in core business districts to fully cover core consumer groups. In the future, top-notch celebrities will be introduced to endorse and advertisements will be continuously put out to consolidate the brand image. At the same time, academic activities will be carried out for TCM oncology and other disciplines, so that professionals can endorse the "HEC Fresh Cordyceps" series of products conceptually. With the support of brand building and education on core concepts, the sales of offline promotion teams and retail stores are bound to usher in explosive growth.

4. The research and development projects of the research institute are progressing smoothly

Six innovative chemical drugs have entered Phase III clinical trials in humans, three biological drugs have entered the production stage, and good progress has been made in the improved dosage forms of generic drugs. The research and development direction of the research institute focuses on three major areas: anti-infection, anti-tumor and metabolism. After 17 years of continuous development, it is expected that by 2025, HEC New Drug will usher in a full harvest period, 11 projects will be declared for production, and 7 products will be approved for marketing.

5. Actively Promote Capital Operation

Sunshine Lake Pharma Co., Ltd. has completed the acquisition of the control rights of HEC Pharmaceuticals, realizing the integration of the pharmaceutical industry, and the IPO work is progressing smoothly. It plans to submit the listing application materials in 2023. After the A-share listed company HEC divested its pharmaceutical assets, it focused on the development of electronic materials, new energy materials, and chlorofluorochemical industries. The company's development strategy was highly recognized by the capital market, and its stock price was positively reflected. HEC Pharm Co., Ltd. held the capital operation kick-off meeting. With the support of GF Securities, Tianjian Certified Public Accountants, Jiayuan Law Firm, Kaiyuan Assessment and other intermediaries, various work was steadily advanced.

6. Unswervingly implement management reform and optimize organizational construction.

In the first half of the year, the company has implemented institutional reforms in research and development, production, sales, strategic planning, human resources, financial management and other aspects to enhance the company's organizational vitality, and various measures have achieved remarkable results. In the first half of the year, the three major industries of HEC maintained high-quality development, and the management system of the group was continuously optimized; the three industries were very confident in exceeding the annual tasks assigned by the group company.

(Figure 3: The scene of the 6th meeting of the Group Board of Directors in 2022)

(Figure 4: The scene of the enlarged meeting of the group board of directors) 

HEC has always adhered to the development path of scientific and technological innovation and industry serving the country, and insisted on doing business supported by the state and needed by the people. The three major industries in which the company vigorously deploys and develops are all on the advantageous track supported by the national strategic policy. HEC has a broad development platform and a great cause worthy of our persistent efforts. Standing on the shoulders of giants, the future has come. The era of "HEC 2.0" is the era of "co-creation, co-responsibility and sharing", and an era of heroic achievements and brilliant careers. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the chairman of the group Zhang Yushuai and the unity and hard work of all HEC people, the great cause of HEC will definitely be more brilliant, each of our families will be happier, and we will be able to achieve "common prosperity", and the great goal of "Hundred Years of HEC"! During the meeting, the leaders of Yidu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attended collectively, and had a full exchange with Zhang Yushuai, chairman of the group, and the directors of the group. HEC thanks the Yidu Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government for their long-term strong support for the development of the company's business. The major industries of HEC Yidu Base will continue to maintain high-quality and sustainable development. Rooted in Yidu, HEC will surely make greater contributions to the social and economic development of Yidu!

(Picture 5: Group photo of Biochemical Pharmaceutical Capital Operation Launch Meeting)

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