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Dongyang Municipal Government and HEC Group once again join hands to help the higher quality development of the two advantageous industries


(Picture 1: Dongyang Municipal Government and HEC Group signed a cooperation agreement)

On June 19, 2022, Dongyang Municipal Government and HEC Group deepened strategic cooperation, and Dongyang State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. invested 1 billion yuan to invest in the two major industries of macrolide and Cordyceps sinensis under HEC Group. Dongyang Mayor Huang Shengke attended and presided over the signing ceremony. Zhejiang Caitong, Dongyang SDIC and HEC Group signed an investment cooperation agreement. The heads of relevant departments of Dongyang City, the director of HEC Group Guo Meilan, the supervisors Zhou Lin, Wei Cailiang, and Dongyang Base Relevant persons in charge jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

(Picture 2: Discussion and exchange between government and enterprise)

"HEC" is taken from "Dongyang Light". In December 2020, HEC returned to its hometown to invest in the construction of the largest high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor project in China. It is currently under construction. The first phase of the project is expected to be put into production in March 2023.  HEC plans to build the Dongyang base into the third largest production base of the group, and plans to invest 5 billion yuan to deploy the East China sales center, new energy research institute, vaccine antibody and other biomedicine, and deep processing of Cordyceps in Dongyang City, a well-known city. These projects are very in line with the high-level positioning of Dongyang's "10,000-acre, 100-billion" new industry platform for strategic emerging industries such as new materials and life sciences.

(Picture 3: Dongyang Municipal Government and HEC Group took a group photo after signing the contract)

At the signing ceremony, Mayor Huang Shengke highly recognized the industrial layout and technological innovation of HEC in the past 25 years. He was very relieved and down-to-earth with the projects currently under construction. The cooperation between the two parties is a model for the government to support the development of the real economy, and it is hoped that the cooperation and support will be further deepened. In 2020, Dongyang SDIC invested 618 million yuan in Dongyang Pharmaceutical Research Institute to jointly promote the listing process of the research institute. In view of the current two advantageous industries of HEC: the technological level and product quality of the macrolide industry are the first in the world, and the output accounts for more than 65% of the global market; the Cordyceps sinensis industry is currently the only ecological breeding project of Cordyceps sinensis in the world, and an industrial base of 340,000 square meters has been built. Dongyang City invested 500 million yuan in each of the two major industries of HEC Group to help the real economy.

Chairman Zhang Yushuai said that with the strong support of Dongyang Municipal Government and various departments, HEC will further increase technological innovation, speed up the pace of project construction, build high-quality industrial bases and R&D bases, and contribute to Dongyang Technology and a beautiful Dongyang, and contribute to the better development of  hometown!

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